Inspiring the diverse future of animal care professionals around the world 

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Welcome to Future Vet & Animal Science Academy (FVASA for short)!

You and your child are in for an unforgettable e-learning experience. We strive to nurture your child's natural love of animals and science to help them hone in on their passion to pave the way for a potential career that will bring them a lifetime of happiness. 

Your child will have the opportunity to learn about animals and how to care for them in a unique online setting taught by experts in their fields. The best part? No grades! That's right! The pressure is off and you can help foster your child's love of learning with no pressure to perform. 

We offer live classes where you child can interact with peers and their teachers or flex classes that your child can complete at his or her own pace. We invite you to look around and enroll in a class where your child will quickly gain knowledge and excitement about animal science and veterinary care.

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With all our different level classes and friendly teachers you're sure to find a class that will capture your little one's interest and imagination.

In our virtual class setting your child will interact with peers and their teacher by participating in engaging lessons to help them learn the subject.

Watch as your child gains confidence in their chosen subject and expands their love of learning! Your little one will be on their way to bight future!


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What parents are saying

These are wonderful classes. My daughter had a great time and learned tons of information from how to use the microscope to bloom cells, x-rays and more. I cannot express how impressed I was with how patient and informative Miss Denise is. I highly recommend this class for anyone who not only is interested in becoming a veterinarian but who is looking for more information on caring for animals. This was an awesome class. Thank you so much.
                                                               - Laura F.

This class was captivating to my child who consumes all learning in the area of veterinary medicine. Denise shares her knowledge at an appropriate pace for the group with the support of visuals and real-life stories. She engages each student at the beginning of the class and then throughout. Denise is comfortable and responsive with individuals who are gifted, who have special needs, or both. A great deal of optional materials, especially educational videos, were provided.
                                          - Rachel B.

My 11 yr old daughter loved this class. She has always loved animals and this class brought out even more of her curiosity on this topic. The lessons were very interactive and engaging. We will definitely be signing up for the next class.
                                          - Joy Y.

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Learn motivation and set their own goals to grow with their teachers & peers?

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As owner and Founder of FVASA, I have always had a love for teaching, learning and of course animals. Children have a natural love of animals and a curiosity that can be fueled by science. Their skills can grow in leaps and bounds when they are exposed to different subjects in ways that are adaptable to their learning style.

That's why I created FVASA and rounded up the best classes and teachers to help encourage your child's love of animals and the natural sciences. 

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Inspiring the diverse future of animal care professionals around the world